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Docklands Kyokushin Karate Club was opened by Shihan Nick da Costa in 1987. The club has had a long history of success in competitions but the last few years have pleasingly reaped success on all fronts with National Senior & Junior champions in Knockdown, Point-scoring (wuko & clicker) and Kata. Reflecting the ethos of the club, that a karate-ka (person studying karate) should aspire to excellence in all aspects of the art!

Affilliations Our club is part of the British Karate Kyokushinkai (B.K.K) and the B.K.K is a member of the International Federation of Karate (I.F.K). The B.K.K is the second largest independent karate association in Britain and is managed by an elected Executive Committee of which Nick da Costa, Docklands main instructor, is a member. The B.K.K's reputation for quality is second to none, both nationally and internationally. The B.K.K is also a founder member of the English Traditional Karate Board (ETKB) formed in 1999 by the top karate associations in Great Britain and also Karate England.

In 1999, as a further committment to karate Shihan da Costa opened another dojo in Ilford in Essex www.karate-ilford.com Students not able to make the sessions at Docklands can use this to supplement their training here.
It is said that a journey of 1000 miles begins with but a single step and we hope that you take the first on the path of Karate by coming to train at our dojo.