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As you progress with your trainings, your knowledge and performance will be tested in a form of grading.

  • Club Gradings are held every 3 months - March, June, September and December.
  • Students are normally informed by the instructor one or two sessions in advance if they are permitted to attempt it.
  • All students should be ready to start on-time and be wearing a clean gi with badges, have an up-to-date licence and pads to participate in the sparring.
  • Students attempting 8th kyu and above are also expected to have knowledge of the terminology. The higher the grade, the greater the knowledge required!
  • Information about techniques and grading requirements can be found in Syllabus


The table bellow provides information of all grading levels in Kyokushin karate.

Up to 3rd Kyu2nd Kyu1st Kyu
£10 £20 £25

Grading levels

Mukyu White
10th Kyu Red Belt
9th Kyu 2nd Red Belt
8th Kyu Blue Belt
7th Kyu 2nd Blue Belt
6th Kyu Yellow Belt
5th Kyu 2nd Yellow Belt
4th Kyu Green Belt
3th Kyu 2nd Green Belt
2nd Kyu Brown Belt
1st Kyu 2nd Brown Belt
1st Dan Black Belt 1st Dan
2nd Dan Black Belt 2nd Dan
3rd Dan Black Belt 3rd Dan
4th Dan Black Belt 4th Dan
5th Dan Black Belt 5th Dan
6th Dan Black Belt 6th Dan
7th Dan Black Belt 7th Dan
8th Dan Black Belt 8th Dan
9th Dan Black Belt 9th Dan
10th Dan Black Belt 10th Dan