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Gekisai Dai and Gekisai Sho

Kata Gekisai Ichi and Gekisai Ni were introduced in the 1940's by Sensei Chojun Miyagi founder of Goju Ryu karate. Kvokushin karate refers to these as "Dai" meaning "Major" and "Sho" meaning "Minor". As far as is known, there is no reason why these kata were named Ich and Ni or Dai and Sho.

The name is derived from the characters Geki, meaning attack or conquer, and Sai, meaning fortress or stronghold which literally translates as "covered", "shut" or "closed". Gekisai means "Search and Destroy". The characters also translate as "Conquer and Occupy", "Storm the Fortress" as well as "Attack and Smash".

These kata were intended to make the Martial Arts more accessible for people to learn and the purpose was to teach strong and powerful movement combined with fluidity of motion and the utilization ofvarious techniques. Both Gekisai belong to the so-called Kaisho kata. These types of kata are what you might call 'relaxed', because after each technique (given with maximum tension) there is relaxation. This relaxation allows a swift execution of the next technique. This isin line with the meaning of Goju, which translates as "hard-soft'.

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