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The adult section of the class after the juniors have finished!

We are awaiting an update on access to the Docklands venue.

We have now after 18 months allowed new members to join Ilford dojo, so if you know anyone that wishes to begin, then now is the time.

For 2 weeks we will train in the adjoining church whilst the hall is being renovated (27/29th July and 3/5th Aug). The floor appears ok, but bring clean trainers along just in case.

Hanshi Steve Arneil 1934-2021

Hanshi Steve Arneil presenting Shihan Nick da Costa with the Tameshiwari Award in 1982

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th dan (1934-2021).
Steve Arneil (Hanshi) came to Britain in 1965 from Japan, where he trained under the founder of Kyokushin karate, Masutatsu Oyama for 3yrs. Whilst in Japan, he was the first of Sosai's students to complete the 100 fights (kumite). He co-founded the BKK and also became the manager of Great Britain in all-styles and coached them to win the World Championships. His achievements are many, but his greatest assets were his Charisma & Knowledge. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten as his spirit shines on through the thousands of students he touched with his teaching.

Nick da Costa Shihan

July 2021

Warming up and stretching @ ilford dojo

Ilford dojo will continue with the booking system for training until government restrictions are removed. Docklands venue is still not available, but hopefully when said restrictions are lifted, we will have access again and will notify you accordingly.

Docklands & Ilford Newsletter June 2021

Shihan Nick da Costa, European Middleweight Champion Barcelona

Dear all,

I hope you are well and enjoying the weather. Please find below and update on various topics.

Ilford dojo: We are up and running with limited capacity due to covid 19 restrictions and have implemented a booking system for each week.

Docklands dojo: We are still awaiting information on when the venue will be available. Some students are travelling to Ilford dojo to maintain their practice, but obviously this is not ideal and we look forward to re-opening as soon as possible.

Licenses: Anyone renewing their license will receive a discount from the association (£28 adult/£17 under 16yrs). However, if you did not have an active license prior to renewal, the full fee is payable.

Proposed Calendar of Events by BKK subject to government restrictions

Summer Camp - weekend in August in the London area

Kata Tournament - September in London

Clicker Tournament - October in Wales

Regional Tournament - November in Derby

National Grading - early December in London/South East

Obviously dates and venues to be advised and subject to Government Guidelines.


Shihan Nick da Costa



Docklands & Ilford Newsletter May 2021

Picture: Kyokushin Commonwealth Karate Championship Australia 1988 Winners  Nick da Costa/Michael Thompson/Terry Prescott with
Sosai Masutatsu Oyama & Hanshi Steve Arneil

Re-opening of dojos

Ilford dojo: We now have the go ahead to reopen Ilford dojo on Tuesday 18th (7:30-9). In the first instance we need to implement covid protocols until all pandemic measures are removed (currently June 2021). So this means we will have to have the same booking system in-place that we previously implemented. So please state which day/days (Tuesday/Thursday) you wish to train and we can confirm by return of email your attendance.

Ilford Booking: send an email for training 18th and or 20th May.

Docklands dojo: Unfortunately it looks like docklands venue will not be available until all pandemic measures have been removed (current prediction June). So please be patient and  try to attend Ilford dojo if and when you can.

Karate License: The usual renewal date is 1st Feb, but the BKK extended all memberships until 1st May, So Everyone's license is now due for renewal, so please do so as soon as possible. Also, there is a  renewal discount for this year, so if under 16yrs the fee is £17 and 16yrs and above £28. payable in the dojo!

Calendar for the Year:The BKK have set a calendar of events for the rest of the year and as soon as they are ready to publish, I will share with you.


Shihan Nick