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Sign-up form

Before attending karate class please download, fill, sign and bring with you the sign-up form.

Click here to download it.

Come for a training session

All you need is comfortable trousers and a t-shirt. We train barefoot so you won't need any special trainers.

Build up your gear

If you decide to continue with Karate there are four basic things you need to have:

The uniform (called Gi) with a white belt (entry level)

Shin & instep guards (used to protect your shins during practicing)


Blue hand mittens (used for clicker and advanced clicker practice)


Please do not hesitate to ask us so we can assist you with selecting the right equipment for you.

Get license

As our dojos are affiliates of BKK and every students must register and obtain a license from the organisation. The license must be renewed annually.